Data Innovation for a Stronger Social License

Can data help firms increase profits while decreasing social friction? This report shows how firms in the natural resources sector can leverage new sources of data to form and deepen relationships with local communities and stakeholders in ways that are profitable, inclusive, and sustainable for all parties concerned. The report showcases the experience of firms […]

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Setting Sail towards Zero Emissions in Shipping

The shipping sector emits 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year, representing about 2.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. But change is on the horizon. This new industry brief highlights the progress towards the creation of a more sustainable shipping industry. It chronicles the recent regulatory changes and commitments on the part of […]

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Local Benefit Sharing in Large-Scale Wind and Solar Projects

This paper offers insights into the unique social challenges and opportunities for wind and solar developers. It distills lessons from the experiences of wind and solar companies in securing and maintaining social license to operate by ensuring that local communities share in the benefit from their projects.

Generating Private Investment in Fragile and Conflicted-Affected Areas

The private sector can help break the cycle of conflict, fragility, and poverty that persists in many fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCS). This study draws on academic research and IFC’s experience with the private sector in FCS to derive lessons on how to engage with the private sector to foster growth, job creation, and stability.

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Inclusive Future of Work

This report focuses on workers facing a double disadvantage—those who are most likely to experience technological disruption from automation yet have fewer resources to transition to new career pathways.

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