Local Shares: An In-depth Examination of the Opportunities and Risks for Local Communities Seeking to Invest in Nepal’s Hydropower Projects

Nepal is leading the way in benefit sharing with its Local Shares phenomenon that sees up to 10% of shares in hydropower developments set aside for purchase by people in affected communities. Local Shares have proven very popular, raising millions in equity for developers and creating local ownership and public support for hydropower projects. However, […]

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Estimating the Effects of the Development of the Oil and Gas Sector on Growth and Jobs in Ghana (2015-30): A Modelling and Value Chain Analysis

Recent oil and gas discoveries in Ghana present a unique opportunity to boost economic growth and increase the prosperity of its people. With support from the World Bank Group, the Ghanaian government engaged with international private sector partners in the exploration, development and operation of world-class hydrocarbon discoveries in the Jubilee, TEN, and Sankofa fields. […]

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Supporting Revenue Management Initiatives in Peru and Colombia

IFC’s Revenue Management Programs in Peru and Colombia bring greater accountability in the use of mining and oil & gas royalties through collaborations with companies, municipalities, civil society organizations and local leaders.

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Mining Companies and Host Communities: Experiences Before, During and After the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone

This report takes advantage of a unique research opportunity to present information on four mining host communities in Sierra Leone gathered through interviews conducted at three time points: before the outbreak, during the height of the outbreak, and near the end of the outbreak.  The report focuses on the major challenges faced by the communities […]

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Indigenous Peoples and Mining Good Practice Guide

This guide is primarily aimed at providing guidance to companies on good practice where mining-related activities occur on or near traditional indigenous land and territory.

Part 1 of the guide is divided into four chapters, each of which deals with an important thematic area that mining companies should be familiar with in order to ensure that […]

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