How we work with governments


IFC’s Infrastructure and Natural Resources Advisory team works with local governments to build their capacity to manage tax and royalty payments to improve community welfare. Typically, we work with local governments in regions impacted by IFC client projects. Sometimes we choose to advance our support to areas that are likely to receive significant future investment. Also, IFC builds partnerships between governments and donor agencies that have deep experience in natural resource management with governments seeking to hear about lessons learned.


IFC works with governments to improve benefit sharing by:

  • Delivering technical support to improve the systems and competencies of local government in revenue management to ensure extractive revenues are invested in tangible development projects;
  • Facilitating advice for local and national governments on how to create enabling environments for local procurement including access to finance;
  • Convening industry level participation to collaborate with government on regional benefit sharing and infrastructure development; and
  • Linking national governments and their donor agencies with cutting-edge shared value practices in emerging markets to pilot and codify.