Local Shares: An In-depth Examination of the Opportunities and Risks for Local Communities Seeking to Invest in Nepal’s Hydropower Projects

Nepal is leading the way in benefit sharing with its Local Shares phenomenon that sees up to 10% of shares in hydropower developments set aside for purchase by people in affected communities. Local Shares have proven very popular, raising millions in equity for developers and creating local ownership and public support for hydropower projects. However, […]

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Key Findings from 2013 Public Survey on Water in Omnogobi Province

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is working with the mining industry, government officials, herders and civil society in the Gobi region to improve the technical understanding of water,
open paths to dialogue and promote collaborative decision-making on water management.
In 2013, the Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM) was contracted by IFC to implement a baseline survey […]

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Hydro-Economic Analysis On The Coal Mining Regions In Mongolia’s Gobi Desert

The economic development in Mongolia puts a strain on the water resources in areas where demand of water requires large water supplies. Hence, in some cases, water is not only a limiting factor for economic growth and development, but also an opportunity. The focus of this analysis lies on the coal mining regions Tavan Tolgoi […]

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Inter-American Development Bank Sustainability Report 2015

This report highlights the Inter-American Development Bank’s sustainability performance in 2015, both in achieving institutional sustainability investment targets and safeguard performance targets, as well as through a series of stories about the projects it is undertaking in its member countries. Examples of the Bank’s work include a well-planned road infrastructure project in the Bahamas that […]

Emerging Practices in Community Development Agreements

A Community Development Agreement or CDA can be a vital mechanism for ensuring that local communities benefit from large-scale investment projects, such as mines or forestry concessions. In formalizing agreements between an investor and a project-affected community, CDAs set out how the benefits of an investment project will be shared with local communities. In some […]