Certification for Yachachiq

This guide was developed in partnership with the Government of Peru to help Yachachiqs (local leaders on small-scale agriculture) understand and become familiar with a certification process. It develops the technical content required for Yachachiqs to become certified as Productive Yachachiq. This publication is being used by over 2,000 Yachachiqs from the Social Development Agency […]

Managing Community Relations in the Palm Oil Sector

There is growing need for companies in the palm oil sector to earn a social license to operate (SLO) in response to stakeholder concerns and to manage business risks. At the same time, earning and keeping an SLO remains a challenge. Many diverse stakeholder groups and subgroups – local, national and international – can influence […]

Respecting Land and Forest Rights – A Guide for Companies

This document provides guidance, approaches and tools to companies to better manage issues of land rights and responsible governance of tenure. Companies might face risks due to weak land and forest rights in developing countries. Companies that understand the risks posed by insecure tenure rights and engage host communities can secure a competitive advantage. In […]

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Social Impact Assessment: Guidance for Assessing and Managing the Social Impacts of Projects

The purpose of this Guidance Note is to provide advice to various stakeholders about what is expected in good practice social impact assessment (SIA) and social impact management processes, especially in relation to project development. Project development refers to dams, mines, oil and gas drilling, factories, ports, airports, pipelines, electricity transmission corridors, roads, railway lines […]


MiningResettlement.org is an initiative of The University of Queensland’s Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining. It is a multi-party, industry-university research collaboration on mining and resettlement in order to build knowledge for practical application. This initiative is the first of its kind. With an extensive library, occasional papers and news section, the site can be used […]

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