Cordaid / RTENN

This guide is specifically designed for facilitators and trainers wanting to raise awareness of local communities in oil and gas producing regions. Relevant activities are described from a non-technical point of view.

This technical aspects guide should be read/used in conjunction with related community outreach materials such as cards and posters as well as with the separate, social aspects guide, which focuses more on company structures, community organization, potential impacts of oil, gas and mining production, and community–company engagement

It is expected that by using this guide, local communities, civil society organizations and local governments will acquire a basic understanding of the operations of the oil and gas industry, and thereby be able to engage oil companies and government more effectively and constructively. Having better-informed communities will help to reduce misunderstandings and/or suspicion, manage expectations, and build trust and confidence between the key stakeholders of oil and gas projects (i.e. communities, civil society, government and companies).