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Please confirm your visa requirements directly with consular posts of the Republic of Senegal, even if you are a Laissez-Passer, an OAS – Travel Document or an ordinary, official and diplomatic passport holder. To request an official letter of invitation for your visa application, please complete this form and email it to, attaching a copy of your passport identification page. Kindly indicate VISA on the subject line. Turnaround time is approximately 5 business days.


We recommend you book your accommodations early, as June is a busy time in Dakar. We have made arrangements with a range of hotels to offer a preferred rate to Sustainability Exchange participants on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hotel Options

Conference Venue

King Fahd Palace

Address: Route des Almadies, Dakar, Sénégal
Phone : +221 33 869 69 69
Contact: Email Hotel
Room Rate: CFA 115,000/USD 199 (plus tax)
Click here for the booking form
Reservation code:
IFC Sustainability Exchange
Held Until: N/A

15 min. Drive to Venue

Radisson Blu Hotel

Address: Route De La Corniche Ouest, Fann, BP Dakar 16868, Sénégal
Phone : +221 33 869 33 33
Contact: Email Hotel
Room Rate: CFA 108,000/USD 186 | CFA 130,000/USD 224 (plus tax)
Reservation link
Held Until: 24-May-19

20 min. Drive to Venue


Address: Boulevard Martin Luther King, Dakar, Sénégal
Phone : +221 33 839 90 39
Contact: Email Hotel
Room Rate: CFA 90,000/USD 155 | CFA 110,000/USD 189(plus tax)
Click here for the booking form
Reservation code:
Sommet IFC 2019
Held Until: First come first served

10 min. Drive to Venue

Fleur de Lys Almadies

Address: Route des Almadies, Dakar, Sénégal
Phone : +221 33 869 06 10
Contact: Email Hotel
Room Rate: CFA 66,000/USD 113 (plus tax)
Reservation code: S/C IFC
Held Until: Open

30 min. Drive to Venue

Fleur de Lys Plateau

Address: 64 Rue Felix Faure, Dakar, Sénégal
Phone : +221 33 849 46 00
Contact: Email Hotel
Room Rate: CFA 61,000/USD 105 (plus tax)
Reservation code: S/C IFC
Held Until: Open

20 min. Drive to Venue

Onomo Hotel

Address: Route de l’Aeroport, Dakar 38233, Sénégal
Phone : +221 33 869 06 10
Contact: Email Hotel
Room Rate: CFA 48,000/USD 85 (plus tax)
Reservation code: N/A
Held Until: 10-Jun-19

30 min. Drive to Venue


Address: 10 Rue Colbert, Dakar 10200, Sénégal
Phone : +221 33 889 22 00
Contact: Email Hotel
Room Rate: CFA 97,500/USD 168 | CFA 122,500/USD 211 (plus tax)
Reservation code: 508460
Held Until: 20-Apr-19

5 min. Drive to Venue


Address: Routes des Almadies, Dakar 16144, Sénégal
Phone : +221 33 859 07 00
Contact: Email Hotel
Room Rate: CFA 66,000/USD 114 (plus tax)
Reservation code: ifcsustainabilityexchange2019
Held Until: N/A

Senegal’s Culture

Senegal, the land of “Teranga” (Hospitality)” boasts a rich and diversified culture; Crossroads of civilizations and influences, mixing ancestral know-how and contemporary creation. Senegal is home to Craft masters and renown artists such as Ousmane Sow, Kalidou Kassé, Ndary Lô, music legends such as Youssou, Ndour, Baaba Maal, Daara J Family, movie greats such as the late Ousmane Sembene, the late Djibril Diop Mambety, William Mbaye and Alain Gomis, the rising star of African cinema. Senegalese fashion is also won world stage thanks to the contribution of Collé Ardo Sow, Douma Dieng, Adama Paris, Selly Raby Kane, Rama Diaw, Emma Style, Thiané Diagne, Cheikha, etc. A quick tour in craft markets across the country will bring you face to face with the talent and the lively culture of Senegal.

Senegal’s rich heritage also includes many monuments and historic places: Classified historical sites (the island of Gorée, Saint-Louis, etc.), monuments (monument of the African Renaissance), are historical sites. You will not be surprised to be told countless stories about heroes and heroines who marked the country’s history such as Aline Sitod Diatta, Lat Dior or the women of Nder. Everywhere you go, you will hear stories about Senegalese pride.

Tourist Attractions in and around Dakar

The African Renaissance Monument: The African Renaissance Monument is a 49-meter-tall bronze statue located on top of one of the twin hills known as Collines des Mamelles, outside Dakar, Senegal. A great view of the city.

Musee of IFAN: The Musée de l’Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noire or IFAN Museum of African Arts is one of the oldest art museums in West Africa. The museum is founded in 1936, and contains important collections from across Francophone Africa. The museum is one of the regular locations used in the Dakar Biennale exhibition, showing art by contemporary African and diaspora artists

Mamelles Lighthouse: The Lighthouse is a strategically important lighthouse located near Cap Vert, the westernmost point of Africa, on the outskirts of Dakar. Completed in 1864, it has been described as “one of the world’s great lighthouses, guiding ships around the western tip of Africa”.

Marché Kermel: The covered Marché Kermel, behind Ave Sarraut and within walking distance of Marché Sandaga, sells a mixture of foodstuffs and souvenirs. It’s worth visiting for the beautiful buildings that shelters its busy stalls. The original 1860 construction burnt down in 1994, but the 1997 reconstruction has been closely modelled on the building’s initial structure and decoration.

Iles des Madeleines: Even though Îlot Sarpant is just a stone’s throw away from the hustle & bustle of the city; it provides a different, yet welcome feel from Dakar (and even nearby Ngor Island). This archipelago of completely uninhabited nature reserves is filled with volcanic rock formations, rare bird species, with a few baobab trees. This a great place to escape the city and enjoy a day in nature with friends.

Lac Rose: Lac Rose (Pink Lake) lies north of the Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal, some 30 km north-east of Dakar. It is named for its pink waters caused by Dunaliella salina algae and is known for its high salt content, up to 40% in some areas.

Gorée island: Gorée is a tiny, car-free island off the coast of Dakar, in Senegal. It’s known for its role in Atlantic slave trade. On the narrow streets, colonial buildings include the House of Slaves, now a museum. The 19th-century Fort d’Estrées houses the IFAN Historical Museum, with exhibits on Senegal’s past. The Henriette Bathily Women’s Museum considers the role of women in West African society. In 1978 Gorée Island was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, and several of its historic structures were restored in the 1980s and ’90s.

Museum of Black Civilizations: Opened in December 2018, the largest museum of black civilization with 14,000 square meters of floor space and capacity for 18,000 exhibits.

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