2019 IFC Sustainability Exchange: Invest for Tomorrow

IFC’s flagship Sustainability Exchange is hitting the road again – join us in Dakar June 18-19 to meet game changers in infrastructure, natural resources, science, and the arts to challenge assumptions and build a pipeline of sustainable investments across Africa and the globe.

Come to the Exchange to:

  • Engage with business and thought leaders on the future of energy, mining, water, and transportation with an emphasis on cities;
  • Explore new partnerships among government, civil society, and investment leaders around emerging market trends;
  • Discover tech-driven shifts and hacks from innovators, young leaders, and community advocates;
  • Prepare blueprints for how your organization will transform business as usual to be competitive and collaborative;
  • Savor the Senegalese “Teranga” (hospitality) including music, cuisine, and creative design alongside entrepreneurism, religious tolerance, and stable governance.


For questions or suggestions, please contact us at commdev@ifc.org.

Highlights from previous Sustainability Exchanges:

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Long Conversation with The Smithsonian: