Tell Your Story at the
2017 Sustainability Exchange Video Booth

At the 2016 Sustainability Exchange we recorded participants’ video stories and this year we’re back again. View the stories from last year here

At this year’s Sustainability Exchange we will have a tri-lingual video booth: English, Spanish, and French. Come in the language of your choice and tell your story in one of the four thematic areas:

  1. Youth – Creative Way of Engaging
    How have you creatively engaged youth in your projects?  Or if you are a young person, how have you worked with companies in your community?  Why is working with young people important?
  2. Share Cutting Edge Examples of Creating Markets and Sharing Benefits
    Who are you partnering with? What technologies are you using? What is missing to take this to scale?
  3. Climate Change – Responses and Innovations
    How is your company or community adapting to climate change?  How are various stakeholders helping each other to address climate change?
  4. Shared Infrastructure – Best Practice
    What stories do you have about shared infrastructure – infrastructure shared by a company, government, and the community?  How did you make it happen?  Lessons?

Stories can be recorded individually or in pairs and should be 2-3 minutes long.  The stories are a way to capture and share experiences and for you to reflect on what we are learning.  Edited versions will be shared online (with permission) like mini Ted Talks.

In preparation, begin to think about what story you might like to tell.  We will help you through.
For more information or to sign up early, contact Alex Burger at

See you soon at the Exchange!