IFC Sustainability Exchange 2016 Presentations

Biodiversity Deep Dive: Bridging the Interests of Communities, Companies, & Government
Lori Conzo, IFC
Jared Hardner, Hardner & Gullison Associates, LLC
Visual Presentation: Biodiversity Deep Dive

Managing Workforce Demobilization & Building Livelihoods
Sergio Leao, Managing Director of Sustainability, Odebrecht
Visual Presentation: The Etileno XXI Megaproject Experience
Report: The Etileno XXI Megaproject Experience

Storytelling: Creating Connections for Mutual Understanding
Jacquie Jones, Film Producer & Director
Video Documentary: 180 Days: Raven’s Story

A Simple & Powerful Tool for Engaging Communities: The Community Scorecard
Carmen Malena, International Social Development/Governance Specialist; Associate, Coady International Institute
Presentation pending

“Snap Chats” on Youth, Creativity & Sustainability
Adriel Luis, Curator, Digital & Emerging Media, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center “Curating Intersectionality”
Video: Letters From Camp by Frank Chi

Values & Value: Unexpected Collaborations With Faith-Based Organizations
Peter Bryant, Senior Fellow, Kellogg Innovation Network & Managing Partner, Clareo
Video: Mining Company of the Future