Political Settlements and the Governance of Extractive Industry: A Comparative Analysis of the longue durée in Africa and Latin America

This paper synthesises findings from research in Bolivia, Ghana, Peru and Zambia to address the following three questions:

How does the nature of political settlements affect the governance of the mining and hydrocarbon sectors and the relationships between those sectors and patterns of social inclusion and exclusion?
How do the circulation of ideas and the […]

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Supporting Revenue Management Initiatives in Peru and Colombia

IFC’s Revenue Management Programs in Peru and Colombia bring greater accountability in the use of mining and oil & gas royalties through collaborations with companies, municipalities, civil society organizations and local leaders.

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Preparing Public Investment Projects – A Guide for Indigenous Communities in Colombia

This guide about preparing public investment projects is addressed to indigenous communities in Colombia, to raise awareness about royalties from Extractive Industries, the rights they have to have access to these resources, as well as explaining the process to create investment proposals to tackle their needs with the support from local governments. It is also […]

Inter-American Development Bank Sustainability Report 2015

This report highlights the Inter-American Development Bank’s sustainability performance in 2015, both in achieving institutional sustainability investment targets and safeguard performance targets, as well as through a series of stories about the projects it is undertaking in its member countries. Examples of the Bank’s work include a well-planned road infrastructure project in the Bahamas that […]

Social Accountability in Pictures

The document shows in a visual manner IFC’s experience promoting social accountability at the local level in Peru’s extractive regions through the implementation of the MIM (Improving Municipal Investment) Peru project. The publication includes pictures, success stories and quotes from beneficiaries.