Allin Kausay! 9 Key Ideas to Live Without Violence

This guide aims to help local agricultural leaders (“Yachachiq”) address domestic and gender-based violence and promote healthier gender relationships using public channels and resources available to guide women and families. It was developed in partnership with the Peruvian Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations and the Peruvian Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion’s Social Development and Compensation […]

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Ayninakuy in Pictures

Through pictures, this publication illustrates the results of IFC’s Ayninakuy project and how it impacted local families, as well as the outcomes of public-private partnerships to enhance farmers’ livelihoods in the mining region of Apurimac, Peru.

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Municipal Good Governance Guides

IFC has compiled in a series of guides its experience and learnings promoting good governance best practices among local governments in Peru to provide municipal officers with the basic tools for improving investment management, transparency mechanisms, and citizen participation.

The guides cover four key areas:

Participatory Budgeting
Multi-year Planning
Investment Management Committee
Transparency and Accountability

Guías Sobre […]

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Political Settlements and the Governance of Extractive Industry: A Comparative Analysis of the longue durée in Africa and Latin America

This paper synthesises findings from research in Bolivia, Ghana, Peru and Zambia to address the following three questions:

How does the nature of political settlements affect the governance of the mining and hydrocarbon sectors and the relationships between those sectors and patterns of social inclusion and exclusion?
How do the circulation of ideas and the […]

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Supporting Revenue Management Initiatives in Peru and Colombia

IFC’s Revenue Management Programs in Peru and Colombia bring greater accountability in the use of mining and oil & gas royalties through collaborations with companies, municipalities, civil society organizations and local leaders.

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