Contest for Youth Engagement in Energy, Water, & Transport

International Finance Corporation (IFC) and International Youth Foundation (IYF) have launched a new publication Creating Value Through Global Youth Engagement: A Smart Investment for the Infrastructure and Natural Resource Industries.  To highlight cases and best practices of engaging youth in the workforce, IFC is hosting a contest inviting young people to submit multimedia projects on the youth report’s themes and/or write-ups of examples of innovative youth engagement in action.

Engaged and mobilized youth can help energy, water, and transport sectors reach core business goals, core infrastructure and community development objectives. While it takes many forms, youth engagement offers tremendous opportunities for companies in emerging markets to prepare the next fast-growing generation of skilled workers, including young women; develop new value chains; mitigate sustainability risks; bolster local and national economic development; and capitalize on technical innovations and evolving communications.

The contest aims to inspire and create a dialogue on innovative ways to engage young people while addressing some of the problems and needs of communities and companies.

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Contest Launch:

15 July 2018 – World Youth Skills Day

Deadline for Submission:

6 August 2018

Winners Announced:

12 August, International Youth Day

Themes and criteria

Youth between the ages of 15 and 30 are invited to submit content around core themes of energy, water, and transport. Submissions can be in the form of (1) a multi-media project or (2) a case study. Feel free to reference the publication for inspiration. Submission should contain participants’ name, age, and home country. All submissions should be emailed to

Multimedia Project

Multimedia submissions should highlight one of the report’s key area of opportunity focused on energy, water, and transport:

Submission formats can include:

  • Video (horizontal and 60 seconds max)
  • Photo
  • Graphic design (illustrations, painting or apparel),
  • Song
  • Poetry

The top submissions will be posted to IFC’s website with attribution.

Case Study

Submit cases and good practices around water, energy, or transport highlighting existing initiatives or project ideas focused on

  • Innovative and creative youth engagement
  • Benefits working age youth bring to the private sector

Submission formats will be short concept notes:

  • 1-2 pages in length, all-inclusive – i.e. including all bodies of text, titles, headings, tables, textboxes, footnotes, endnotes, references, appendices etc.
  • Top of the first page of the submission should contain:
    • Name
    • Age
    • Home country
  • Each case MUST contain the sections:
    • Background/ Context
    • Project Description
    • Results (or anticipated/proposed results)
    • Lessons Learned

Intellectual Property

By submitting an entry, participants retain the individual right to their work and any derivative, but give the World Bank Group the permission to:

  • Share entries, materials, revised versions of materials and/or videos free of charge with third parties.
  • Grant to IFC a non-exclusive, license to copy, modify, distribute copies of, publicly display, publicly perform and/or otherwise use all or a portion of the submission (and any derivative works thereof) throughout the world and in perpetuity. Consent to the sublicensing of the rights granted herein by IFC to IFC’s agents and consultants.
  • Publish and share submitted materials prepared by participants, participants’ short biographies and/or videos on or any other World Bank Group webpages; and through blogposts, newsletters, articles, social media platforms and any other communication channels and public display.
  • Share submission materials prepared by participants, participants’ short biographies and/or videos free of charge with partners and partner organizations only for the purpose of those individuals and organizations to publicly display and broadcast this information/content, one or multiple times, in order to increase exposure of participants’ proposed solutions and their subject matter.

View the full Terms and Conditions here.

The top submissions will be posted to IFC’s website with attribution


Credit: Robert Wafula

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The Competition is open to individuals aged 15 to 30 (herein defined as “Participants”).
  2. Participants’ ages will be determined as of 11:59 pm EST on August 6, 2018.
  3. The Competition is open to nationals of ALL countries. Participation is encouraged from eligible individuals with the drive to innovate regardless of their occupation (working professionals, students, NGO leaders, government officials, start-up creators, technical experts or any other).
  4. All submissions should be emailed to by 11:59 am EST on August 6, 2018.

Permissions and Releases

By submitting an Entry, Participants certify they own or have obtained the necessary permission for any images, charts, statistics, or any other information or material used and submitted to IFC. Any violation may result in disqualification of the Entry. Participants are responsible for protecting their proprietary and other rights under applicable laws.


The Judging Panel will be composed of World Bank Group, public sector, private sector, academia, and/or NGO/civil society sector professionals working in the field of business, development, education, gender, fragility/conflict, innovation and/or technology. The exact composition of the Judging Panel will be determined by IFC.


IFC will feature and promote Finalists’ and Winners’ ideas on the website and social media platforms, and make efforts invite Winners to events* (for example: virtual webinars, virtual workshops, World Bank Youth Summit). Winners will also receive a certificate from IFC.

* Any event invitation would not include any expenses for travel or accommodation.