How we work with civil society


IFC’s Infrastructure and Natural Resources Advisory team works with civil society to facilitate and increase its participation to promote benefit sharing. We work with individual clients to broaden their understanding of the essential role of civil society and the media in socioeconomic development. We promote open and transparent approaches to engagement between private sector partners and clients with community groups, NGOs and academia. We create forums for collaboration across sectors, seeking the participation of civil society in our industry level initiatives.


IFC works to facilitate civil society participation in client projects by:

  • Supporting civil society organizations to ensure that local governments are accountable for how they spend tax resources and that companies are participatory in how they manage project impacts and benefits;
  • Including civil society groups as full partners in sector level approaches to improving water and watershed management;
  • Building participatory approaches to monitor a project’s social and environmental performance;
  • Training regional and local partners to help companies implement their sustainability and community investment strategies; and
  • Collaborating with civil society to share knowledge on critical issues and develop tools to improve industry performance.