Community Development Strategies


Date: 6/19/2006

Duration: 118 minutes

Language: English

Country/Region: World

Keywords: Energy, Mining, Community Driven Development


Marcelo De Andrade

Willy Egset

Kiku Loomis

Letha MacLachlan

Paul Mitchell

Dan Owen

Dafna Tapiero


On June 19, 2006, the Sustainable Community Development Fund (CommDev) hosted a day-long conference at the IFC Building on Washington, D.C., to discuss “Sharing Experience: Enhancing the Benefits to Communities from Extractive Industry Projects.” The conference aimed at sharing experiences, conducting training, and raising awareness of the community development work being implemented in communities impacted by extractive industries. In this morning breakout session, chaired by Letha J. MacLachlan, Legal Council to the Joint Review Panel for the Mackenzie Gas Project, attendants analyzed community development strategies and determined how best to prioritize, sequence and implement such programs.

Dan Owen, Program Coordinator for Community Driven Development at the World Bank, gave an overview of the Bank’s practices. Kiku Loomis, Co-Founder and President of World Monitors, a human rights-focused consulting group, addressed private sector and community development. Willy Egset of Statoil discussed corporate and social responsibility as practiced by his Norwegian petroleum company. He also summarized his experiences with poverty and conflict as a former member of the Bank. Finally, Marcelo De Andrade, Founder and Chairman of Pro-Natura International, spoke about the future steps to advancing community development and described the multitude of failed approaches as “scars.”

During the question-and-answer period, participants asked about the rationale behind certain project selections, approaches used in regions where government support is lacking, and the distinction between community development projects and compensation projects.

Following the completion of the morning breakout sessions, all event participants came together once more to hear the presentation of the Resource Endowment Initiative and the Community Development Toolkit by Paul Mitchell, Secretary-General of the International Council on Mining & Metals. Mitchell, who was introduced by Dafna Tapiero, Manager of CommDev, discussed the major findings of the resource endowment, including the fact that individual parties acting independently will not produce significantly positive outcomes because their activities are too small and will not extend beyond immediate local communities. He added that investment will occur with government reforms, and the use of revenues to control proper variables will yield growth coupled with should be broad-based poverty alleviation.